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  • Explosion Proof Camera System

    //Explosion Proof Camera System
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    Project Description

    What is Luview explosion proof camera system ?

    Explosion proof?Camera?System?is?an?integrated?rear?view security?system?to?help?the?driver?broaden?vision?and?catch the?blind?spots when?driving. It? is?applicable?for?the?environment?which?is?inflammable, explosive?and?hazardous. Such as petroleum, chemical, coal, military, medicine, oil storage depots, ships, drilling platforms, gas stations, fireworks production base, food processing and storage factory; particularly suitable for narrow spaces like dangerous goods transport vehicles, oil tanker, chemical laboratories, explosion proof elevator etc.

    Why you should choose Luview explosion proof camera system ?

    Industrialized design for bad environment such as explosion-proof, anti-corrosion, dust-proof, water-proof and rust-proof needed.

    As the third eye of driver to ensure a safe driving and make the reverse parking easier.

    Features of Luview explosion proof camera system

    Special Material

    Elegant design with the 304 stainless steel electro-polished surface processing, explosion-proof, anti-corrosion, dust-proof, water-proof and rust-proof.

    Built-in Infrared LED Lights

    IR CUT shifted day and night automatically, the visible distance up to 25 meters, toughened and euphotic explosion-proof glass, flux rate higher than 96%, completely eliminate infrared light halos, high quality image will be showed even in bad light areas.

    3D Digital Noise Reduction Technology

    Processing the original signal through the 3D digital noise reduction technology so as to make the image vivid and bright at night.

    90 Degrees Wide View Angle

    Superfine focusing, no distortion and no dark angle with the wide view angle 90 degrees lens, keeping the images clear and authentic.

    Waterproof IP67 Monitor

    Metal housing waterproof 7 inch digital LCD car monitor 2-ch, 4-ch and 4-ch with quad mode optional. Supports speaker function.